At New Forest Veterinary Dental Service, we carry out oral surgery for a number of different conditions. Most commonly, we carry out  complex surgical extractions of teeth which can involve large teeth or where we are removing large numbers of teeth. Beyond purely dental conditions, we also carry out oral surgery for patients with oral trauma and oral tumours.

Why go to a dentist for Oral Surgery? 

In the human field, oral surgery is often carried out by a team of surgeons. They are however usually dual qualified clinicians, who are trained both as surgeon doctors and dentists. This gives them the full set of skills to deal with all potential outcomes for surgery. In addition to his dental training, Matthew also holds the European Certificate in Small Animal Surgery.

One thing that we concentrate on as dental and oral surgeons, is ensuring that the outcome for our patients is as normal, functional occlusion as possible. Beyond just the surgery, we will often utilise our dental skills to reach that outcome.