A huge percentage of pet animals in the UK suffer from oral disease that often goes untreated. This can be due to a number of reasons, which may include the difficulty examining this area of the body completely in conscious patients. In addition, undergraduate training in veterinary dentistry is often considerably less than some other subjects. Dental radiography is essential in carrying out the majority of dental procedures, and without it, complications will more frequently arise. We work closely with our referring practices to ensure that our patients receive the highest care in areas that go beyond general practice veterinary work.


The New Forest Veterinary Dental Service team have undergone extensive training and completed advanced postgraduate qualifications to ensure that veterinary dental work is carried out to the highest standard. We also use dental radiography in all patients where it is indicated. Referral Veterinary Surgeons work in a different way to general practice vets, in that we only usually see between 3 and 5 patients a day. This means that we can devote the time required to giving pets the highest level of care, without having to worry about anything else, such as routine appointments. We will always send through a thorough report to referring vets once the treatment of a patient is complete; and referring vets can phone us any time to discuss any cases.


Our team will treat the following conditions:

  • Endodontics (root canal therapy for fractured or devitalised teeth)
  • Feline Oral Disease (Resorptive Lesions or FORLs and Chronic Gingivostomatitis)
  • Jaw fracture repairs
  • Prosthodontics (tooth restoration and crown placement)
  • Periodontal disease (including periodontal surgery)
  • Exodontics (extraction of teeth including complex surgical extractions)
  • Oral surgery (traumatic injuries, oral neoplasia, congenital cleft palates etc)
  • Rabbit and rodent dentistry
  • In-house and CPD training of veterinary staff.

Our Facilities 

We are lucky enough to be located within one of the leading Veterinary Hospitals in the UK.

Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists is a leading UK veterinary referral hospital with several specialist services. We have available specialist anaesthesia and in house CT and MRI scanning along with the back up of a team of surgeons, internal medicine clinicians, neurologists and cardiologists

Whilst we maintain our independence within the hospital in our own designated dental theatres, we also have the back up of the hospital facilities if our patients require more complicated hospital treatment. Our dental theatres are extensively equiped with specialist dental units, dental xray units, surgical lighting and advanced anaesthetic monitoring along with the full array of dental and veterinary dental consumables which allow us to treat the full range of veterinary dental cases.