Jaw surgery is all part of the service we offer. We treat a number of conditions from traumatic injuries and jaw fractures to tumour surgery and developmental diseases of the teeth and jaws. We have the benefit of not only being able to treat the jaw disease but also any dental problems that are associated! See Leaflet for more details

Dentigerous Cysts are lesions that we see as referral cases commonly. They are fluid filled structures present within the jaw and are associated with abnormally erupted teeth. They can grow very large, and in compressing the bone they can be very painful. If not treated, these lesions can go on burst which will then usually result in their infection, or they can even cause fractures of the jaw.

Treatment can be very challenging, and requires the complete removal of the cyst lining. If this isn't done then the cyst can return. Closure of the surgical site can also be challenging owing to the amount of tissue that sometimes needs to be removed.

If you think a patient has a Dentigerous cyst, then we are more than happy to see them for surgery. We would also encourage vets and nurses to check young dogs at neutering procedures, to see if they have any missing teeth. Missing teeth, especially 1st premolar teeth, should be xrayed to see if the tooth is genuinely missing, or if it is unerupted. Extraction at this stage can avoid the development of painful Dentigerous cysts.

Jaw Fractures: Jaw Fractures can be difficult fractures to manage - there is often very little bone to work with and a comfortable and functional occlusion must be preserved to avoid severe pain and dysfunction when the jaw has healed.

A technique we offer is not found in many referral practices. This involves the placement of a custom made intraoral wire and acrylic splint. The splint is created around the patient, and it is attached to the surfaces of the teeth. This means that vital nerve and blood vessel structures, as well as tooth roots are not damaged by the placement of orthopaedic fixation. The devices are well tolerated by patients, and they allow us to create a very good final occlusion.

If you would like to learn more about intraoral fixation, or if you would like to refer a patient with a jaw fracture, then please call us on 023 8089 1900.